Aviation Capital Group Announces Delivery of One A320neo to FlyArystan

Aviation Capital Group Announces Delivery of One A320neo to FlyArystan

Aviation Capital Group LLC (ACG) today announced the delivery of a new Airbus A320neo aircraft under a long-term lease agreement to FlyArystan. This Pratt & Whitney PW1127GA-JM powered aircraft is the first A320neo delivered by ACG to FlyArystan.

“ACG is very pleased to be a partner of Air Astana and FlyArystan for this important event,” said Claudio Cheinquer, ACG’s Vice President of Marketing for Central Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. “This is the first new A320neo aircraft off the Airbus assembly line and is an important milestone that demonstrates the airline’s success.”

“FlyArystan is the first low-cost airline in Central Asia. We operate more than 60 domestic and international flights with a fleet of 11 A320 aircraft. With the arrival of our twelfth aircraft, our first new Airbus A320neo, FlyArystan expands our route and offer. low-cost flights to the mainstream market,” said Adrian Hamilton, CEO of FlyArystan- Manns. Increasing the aircraft’s seating capacity from 180 to 180 is the most important eco-project in FlyArystan’s history.

This new aircraft, which we have named Leo, is the first of seven dedicated A320neo family aircraft and begins the era of the youngest fleet. The A320neo Family aircraft allow us to reduce costs and encourage more people to travel. This is a very exciting time for FlyArystan.”

About Aviation Capital Group

Founded in 1989, Aviation Capital Group is one of the world’s full-service asset managers with 475 aircraft controlled and committed to June 30, 2022, leased to 85 airlines in 45 countries. ACG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyo Century Corporation.

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