Vueling and Cirium Sign a Deal for Cirium Sky, to Dramatically Improve Airline Operational Performance

Vueling and Cirium Sign a Deal for Cirium Sky, to Dramatically Improve Airline Operational Performance

The aviation analytics business Cirium and Vueling, an airline that is a part of IAG (International Airlines Group), have inked a historic agreement to increase airline operating efficiencies using the Cirium Sky managed data warehouse and analytics system. The multi-year agreement gives Vueling access to Cirium’s new data analytics and aviation warehouse. Through this relationship, the airline will be able to obtain a distinctive perspective from more than 25 operational elements and ultimately offer the greatest travel experience possible. In order to reduce delays for its clients, Cirium Sky will enable more effective flight planning, particularly around disruptions.

“Our aviation data warehouse, Cirium Sky, is critical in supporting Vueling’s digital transformation initiatives and will enable the airline to improve flight operations, reduce travel delays and set the stage for operational excellence.”

Jeremy Bowen, Cirium CEO

Due to the implementation of many projects, such as Vueling Transform, to realize its full potential through digitization and low-cost leadership, Cirium views Vueling as the innovative and agile leader within IAG.”Coming out of the pandemic, Vueling is emerging even more efficient and competitive as we prioritize actionable insights backed by a plethora of data and context,” stated Oliver Iffert, Chief Operations Officer of Vueling. Data is essential for evaluating our operations and finding innovative methods to improve the passenger experience. Cerium Sky enables Vueling to plan its flights and analyze any delays with reliable information. As a result, we will work to reduce delays and minimize disruptions. By switching to Cirium Sky, Vueling will have access to a single source of aviation data and analytics rather than a variety of data suppliers and data stored in separate systems. The airline now has access to the largest data warehouse in the sector, which has a 360-degree perspective of flights, as well as prescriptive and predictive analytics to foresee upcoming operational difficulties. Bowen added: In addition to enhancing the traveler experience, optimizing operations is essential for addressing the liquidity problems and capacity recovery that airlines are currently experiencing in the wake of COVID-19. Airlines would save a tonne of money if data was made more accessible and decision-making became quicker and wiser. We are excited to work with Vueling in partnership to advance their company. Airlines, airports, financial institutions, builders of aircraft, and travel wholesalers can all benefit from Cirium Sky’s ability to uncover the value of aviation data.

About Cirium
Cerium combines robust data and analytics to keep things moving. By providing insight based on years of industry experience, travel companies, aircraft manufacturers, airports, airlines, and financial institutions, among others, are able to make sane decisions that will shape the travel industry’s future while increasing profits and improving customer experiences. RELX, a global supplier of information-based analytics and decision tools for professional and corporate customers, has Cirium in its portfolio. The ticker codes REL, REN, and RELX are used on the London, Amsterdam, and New York Stock Exchanges respectively to identify shares of RELX PLC. Re: Vueling The largest domestic market in Europe, Spain, is connected in large part thanks to Vueling, a firm that is a part of IAG. The company operates a fleet of Airbus A319, A320, A320neo, and A321 aircraft over a network of more than 240 short- and medium-haul flights throughout Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East during this winter of 2022. The “Best Low-Cost Airline in Europe” title was awarded to Vueling at the 2021 World Airline Awards. Vueling shares the aim of IAG to be the global airline industry leader in terms of sustainability. Due to this, the business bases all of its decisions on the “Flightpath Net Zero” program, which has as its objective the achievement of net zero CO2 emissions by the year 2050.

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