Why do you want to join aviation / how to start afresh career / why are you the right candidate?

Why do you want to join aviation / how to start afresh career / why are you the right candidate?

1. Travel Opportunities

The obvious answer here is the travel opportunities that airline services can provide. While working for an airline can be demanding, finding a better company for travel opportunities is difficult. Some of those jobs require extensive travel; Pilots and flight attendants, for example, can travel up to ten different continents in one day shift! And travel opportunities are available for when you are not after hours.

Airline employees (including those who don’t fly as part of their job) are often offered cheaper flights, traveling to desirable destinations, making it easier for them. Typically, employees can travel for free, or, for example, Virgin Atlantic offers a ‘Passenger’ plan in which full-time employees have the ability to board a ready flight. Seven offers annual access to their destinations (employees some airlines have an agreement between them that allows their employees to buy cheap tickets on their flight.

2. The Opportunity to Develop your Career

As a business, it is in the interest of the airline and airport that their employees grow so that they ensure that they provide their staff with training and job development. In addition to the annual survey, some offer an annual incentive plan to ensure that their employees’ contributions are recognized. They offer lectures and also have equipment on hand that gives pilots the tools they need to develop their skills. Monarch also supports local programs and provides support to professionals seeking higher education and obtaining professional certifications. And this is not just an airline, where many airports and airlines offer similar characteristics as they compete to attract and retain the skills they need.

3. Company Benefits

While airport services generally offer little transportation space, they are often very rewarding. For example, Manchester International Airport (MAG) displays employee benefits on its website. These benefits extend to all aspects of a user’s life, indicating that you want to provide your employees with a complete benefits package. There are some definite benefits to working at your airport such as a 50% airport vacation discount and others focus on how employees work according to their environment for work planning and train travel supported. Obviously, being part of a large company such as an airline or an airport, means that you get a personalized promotion at the airport or airport that you may not get at others.

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